• Increases Proctivity

    Planning fosters proactive behaviour by empowering you to take the initiative. With ownership of the plan, you are inspired to act.

  • Enhances Focus

    Staying focused is essential for successful and timely completion of all goals. Proper planning ensures you remain focused leaving no room for distractions.

  • Enforces Decision making

    The discipline instilled by planning necessitates swift decision making. This leaves you more time and energy for action. A well structured plan provides the benchmark for all decisions.

SO Planning Inc is brand sisters with the budgeting based company She's On A Budget. The founder of SOAB, Euphemia Moore, is an ex school teacher and mother of three. 'Phem' decided to branch out into a holistic style planning system in order to equip others develop the life skills needed in order to achieve their goals.

The basic premise is that planning is not something to be done in just one area of your life but all, hence the name 'She's On Planning Inc'